Eat. Dance. Love.

Spring 2014

Thank you to Br. Matthew and all those who came out to support TheRevolution at this semester's Eat. Dance. Love. Below is the video of the talk Br. Matthew gave:


Howdy! Eat Dance Love is back! We will be hearing a cool talk about pursuing God's vocation for our lives chastely by Br. Matthew. He is a great guy! He turned down the opportunity to pursue a baseball career in order to follow God's plan for his life. You won't want to miss hearing from him!
Fall 2014

Megan Hunter-Kilmer   
   Come hear Megan Hunter-Kilmer, the Hobo for Christ, speak on what it means to truly love someone -- including that one guy from that one class.

   Megan travels over the country talking about everything from the goodness of God to Catholic apologetics to any place that will have her. She has two degrees in theology and has been on the road since June of 2012. To learn more about her click the link below to check out her blog!

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