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Catholic Volunteer Network    
General search for long-term opportunities in the USA or oversea
Catholic Volunteer Network is a national membership organization of Christian volunteer and mission programs that fosters and promotes full-time national and international service opportunities for people of all backgrounds, ages and skills. Currently the membership includes 200 domestic and international volunteer and lay mission programs.
For more info, go to www.catholicvolunteernetwork.org
Augustinian Volunteers          
Programs: Teaching, social services, health programs
Locations: Domestic and international
Augustinian Volunteers are Catholic men and women who wish to serve God’s people in partnership with the Augustinian Order and others. The service of the Volunteers is with established educational, social, and health programs and varies according to the needs of the sponsoring site and the individual Volunteer.
The experience of the Augustinian Volunteers is designed to facilitate a person’s desire to serve others. It is also focused on the Volunteer’s personal and spiritual development in the Augustinian tradition. By building and living in community with other Volunteers and forming relationships with local Augustinian Communities, the Volunteers' lives are enriched, even as they enrich the lives of others.
For more info, go to www.osavol.org
Casa Juan Diego - Houston Catholic Worker  
Programs: Services for homeless Spanish-speaking immigrants and refugees, social services, health care, tutoring, translating, maintenance, handymen, drivers, child care, Hispanic ministry, kitchen organization and collecting unpaid wages of refugees.
Location: Houston, TX
Catholic Workers work with Spanish- speaking immigrants and refugees to provide shelter, food, clothing, medical services and English classes. Women volunteers also work with Spanish-speaking battered and/or homeless women and children. Being at Casa Juan Diego is similar to being in Latin America. Guests speak only Spanish. CW's are encouraged to respond as a community to the needs of the refugees that come to Casa Juan Diego as well as the Spanish-speaking who live in Houston. The hours are long but the work is gratifying. Faith commitment is important.
For more info, go to www.cjd.org
Christian Appalachia Project  
Programs: programs that benefit children, the elderly and persons with disabilities.
Locations: 13 Appalachian states
Long-term Christian Appalachian Project volunteers make a commitment 12 months, with an option to request additional terms. Though we have volunteers of all ages, most of our long-term volunteers are either recent high school or college graduates engaged in post-graduate volunteering, or retirees who want to continue to make a difference in their “encore careers.” Because of the greater time commitment they are making, long-term volunteers are able to take on mission-critical service positions that require someone willing to give the time and energy needed to address Appalachia’s most persistent challenges. CAP has two admissions cycles for long-term volunteers.
For more info, go to www.christianapp.org

City Year
Program: Education, Community and Youth Development
Location: Nationwide (24 U.S. locations)
City Year seeks to address the educational gap in America by sending young, diverse, and service-minded corps members, ages 17-24, into low-performing schools for ten months and actively work with youth who have identified as being at-risk of dropping out of high school. City Year’s mission is to build democracy through citizen service, civic leadership, and social entrepreneurship. It is through service that we can demonstrate the power and idealism of young people, engage citizens to benefit the common good, and develop young leaders of the next generation.
For more info, go to www.cityyear.org

Colorado Vincentian Volunteers         
Programs: educational, social and health services
Location: Denver, Colorado
Colorado Vincentians Volunteers are a community of faith and action that responds to the Gospel call in the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul. They are young men and women, ages 22-30, who serve Denver's poor, elderly, homeless, developmentally disabled and troubled youth. The year-long program offers an opportunity for spiritual, emotional, professional growth, and a way of discerning and living one's Christian vocation.
For more info, go to www.covivo.org
Dominican Volunteers USA    
Programs: educational, social and health services
Locations: New York City, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Northern California, Grand Rapids, and St. Louis; organic farms in Springfield, IL, Racine, WI, and Columbus, OH; or in Weslaco, TX for certified midwives or nurses.
Dominican Volunteers USA is a full time service experience sponsored by the Order of Preachers, Dominican women and men around the United States.
Dominican Volunteers are committed men and women who give 11-12 months (second year renewable) in ministry as well as in Dominican community.
For more info, go to www.dvusa.org
Farm of the Child Honduras    
Programs: administration, accounting, social work, pastoral ministry, teaching, medicine, maintenance and community outreach
Locations: Honduras
Farm of the Child USA is a Catholic, non-profit organization dedicated to support Finca del Nino, a family-style orphanage that provides education, health care, spiritual formation and community outreach in Honduras. International missionaries make a 2 1/2 year commitment of service to the Farm of the Child. Missionaries come from all different walks of life in order to serve in a variety of functions such as administration, accounting, social work, pastoral ministry, teaching, medicine, maintenance and community outreach. Before arriving at the Farm, missionaries attend language school in Guatemala for two months. Once they arrive at the Farm, missionaries live together and are guided by the four pillars of community, spirituality, simplicity and service.
For more info, go to www.farmofthechild.org
FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students)  
Programs: evangelization through campus outreach & Bible studies
Locations: any campus where FOCUS has a program
Answering the Church’s call for a new evangelization, FOCUS is a national outreach that meets college students where they are and invites them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith. FOCUS missionary staff make an initial two-year commitment, starting in late May with summer training. Most of our missionaries have stayed on campus several years; others have gone on to explore religious life, get married, take another job, or enter graduate school. As FOCUS missionary you work as a team (typically two men and two women).
For more info, go to www.focusonline.org
Franciscan Community Volunteers     
Programs: educational, social and health services
Location: St. Cloud, Minnesota
Franciscan Community Volunteers are a group of young adults ages 21-30 who are looking for an authentic way to live an integrated life of faith and service in the world. FCV is designed for just that: a ten month commitment of intentional community living dedicated to serving and advocating on behalf of the underserved while working closely with the poor,
For more info, go to www.fcvonline.org
Good Shepherd Volunteers    
Programs: educational, social and counseling services
Locations: domestic & international
Good Shepherd Volunteers collaborates with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd to provide full-time volunteers with the opportunity to work in social service ministries and to use their God-given talents serving women, adolescents, and children affected by poverty, violence, and neglect. GSV continues to focus, on the Four Tenets of Social Justice, Simplicity, Spirituality, and Community.
For more info, go to www.gsvolunteers.org
Jesuit Volunteer Corps           
Programs: education, advocacy, direct and community services
Locations: domestic & international
Jesuit Volunteer Corps offers women and men an opportunity to work full-time for justice and peace.
Living simply in intentional communities of fellow JVs, they work in education, advocacy, direct service, and community service in 39 US cities and in six other countries. They reside in the same environs as those they serve: people who are low-wage earners, homeless, unemployed, refugees, diagnosed with AIDS, elderly, street youth, former gang members, abused, mentally ill, developmentally disabled, and others who strive to find justice in their lives. Almost 300 schools, nonprofit agencies, and grassroots organizations across the world count on JVs to provide essential services.
For more info, go to www.jesuitvolunteers.org
L'Arche USA
Programs: community services
Locations: USA
At L’Arche, persons with a developmental disability are known as “core members,” and “assistants” are those who come to share life with them. Assistants accompany core members in their activities of daily life: creating home and supporting core members in sharing their gifts within the house and the larger community.
For more info, go to www.larcheusa.org
Lasallian Volunteers
Programs: educational, social and communities services, development, campus ministry
Locations: in 16 US states
The Lasallian Volunteer Program of the USA-Toronto Region provides dedicated, well-trained volunteers for one or more years of service to schools and agencies of the De La Salle Christian Brothers whose Mission is to serve the poor. Acting out of faith, rooted in the Gospel, and sharing community with the Brothers and other Lasallians, the volunteers empower the poor by personalized service primarily through education.
For more info, go to www.lasallianvolunteers.org
Maggie's Place           
Programs: community services
Locations: Arizona, Ohio
Maggie's Place is a community of homes that provide hospitality for pregnant women who are alone or on the streets. Staff members are women interested in committing themselves to a year or summer of service to serving pregnant and parenting mothers and their children. They live in community where they serve.
For more info, go to www.maggiesplace.org
National Evangelization Team (NET) Ministries          
Programs: evangelization
Locations: in the USA, travelling or at a parish or school
NET Ministries challenges young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church. Every August, 120 young Catholics aged 18-28 leave behind their jobs, school, family, and friends to devote nine months to serving with the National Evangelization teams. Divided into 11 teams, they travel across the U.S. for nine months to share the Gospel with young people and their families.
For more info, go to www.NETusa.org
Peace Corps   
Programs: educational, youth & community development, health, business, communication, agriculture, etc…
Locations: overseas
Peace Corps’ mission has three goals:
* Helping the people interested countries in meeting their needs for trained men and women.
* Helping promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of the peoples served.
* Helping promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.
For more info go to, www.peacecorps.gov

Rostro de Cristo          
Programs: health care, education, social work, education
Locations: communities surrounding Guayaquil, Ecuador
Volunteers for the Rostro de Cristo work in many different places within the broader community as partners with Ecuadorian organizations. In the morning, volunteers work in the fields of health care, education, and social work and have included day-care centers, HIV/AIDS education projects, outreach to street children, serving as a teacher or teacher's aid, or working at a clinic or hospital. In the afternoons, most volunteers run different after-school, and a few teach English as a second language.
For more info, go to www.rostrodecristo.org
Salesian Lay Missioners         
Programs: Education, community services
Locations: Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Rwanda
The Salesian Lay Missioners (SLMs) is a Catholic association of men and women, seeking to answer God’s missionary call in their own lives by dedicating themselves to works of education, evangelization and human development among poor youth. SLMs share in the tradition, prayer, work, family spirit, community life and educational method of the Salesians of Don Bosco, while living in community with Salesians and other missioners. SLMs work in various projects to provide an educational experience for young people and are committed to be, above all, Christian witnesses.
For more info, go to www.salesianlaymissioners.org
Simple House
Programs: community services
Locations: Washington DC, Kansas City, MO.
Simple House work involves befriending the poor and coming to know them on a personal level. We strive to meet their spiritual and material needs by delivering groceries, helping new and expectant mothers, conducting bible studies, and inviting them to church. We are staffed entirely by volunteers and supported entirely by private donations.
For more info, go to www.asimplehouse.org
Saint Paul's Outreach
Programs: evangelization, campus outreach
Locations: in several US states
Saint Paul’s Outreach actively invites college students to a life of Christian discipleship. With Saint Paul as our example, we create vibrant, faith-filled environments that challenge students to deepen their relationships with Christ in the fullness of the Catholic Church.
For more info, go to www.spoweb.org
Teach for America      
Programs: education
Locations: in several US states
In our country today, a significant achievement gap exists between low-income children and their wealthier peers. It’s not easy to close this gap, but hundreds of proof points show that it’s possible. Teach For America’s mission is to build the movement to eliminate educational inequity by developing leaders to help close the gap.
For more info, go to www.teachforamerica.org
Volunteers International for Development Education Solidarity (VIDES)        
Programs: education, community services
Locations: domestic and oversea
VIDES volunteer missioners serve together with members of the Salesian family (Priests, Brothers, Sisters, Cooperators, ADMA*...) at home and abroad joining efforts to be transformational leaders in society by living a simple Christ-centered life while serving the poor. VIDES volunteers promote social justice, solidarity, and generosity in sharing and giving of themselves.
For more info, go to www.vides.us
Working Boys’ Center
Programs: educational and community services
Locations: Quito, Ecuador
Volunteers work in a variety of areas including the day care center, accredited school education program, vocational training, small business management, and home building. Though most volunteers teach, no background in education is required. Volunteers with specific training in the trades or business may focus their volunteer experience in the businesses and trades run by the WBC.
For more info, go to www.workingboyscenter.org

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