Catholicism 101 Audio and Notes

Click on a class below to download the audio recording. The audio files are for students of Catholicism 101 who miss a class or who can't attend, but still want to follow along with the class. The notes to the right are in order of the class.  Please download the class notes and follow along.

Class #1 - The Gospel and a Catholic World View

Class #2 - The Mystery of God and The Trinity

Class #3 - The Incarnation, Grace, Salvation

Class #4 - Revelation, Salvation History, Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition

Class #5 - Studying and Interpreting Sacred Scripture

Class #6 - The Hierarchy and Magesterium of the Catholic Church

Class #7 - The Creeds

Class #8 - Catholic Morality and Conscience

Class #9 - Catholic Social Teaching

Class #10 - Introduction to Prayer

Class #11 - Introduction to the Sacraments

Class #12 - Introduction to Liturgy and Mass