TheREVOLUTION: Living out Theology of the Body

TheREVOLUTION is a student-run ministry focusing on spreading a holistic image of man through Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. The Theology of the Body is a bold, biblical response to the sexual revolution of our society. It is a biblical anthropology on what it means to be human, encompassing every single aspect of Christianity. If you have a Body, the Theology of the Body is for YOU!
Through a variety of study groups and events, TheREVOLUTION ministers to over 500 students a semester, spreading the message of the Theology of the Body at Texas A&M University and Blinn College.

We are a Revolution because we are revolting against what society has told us to believe and how to act. It is time for our generation to rise up against the misconceptions and lies of our society and to reclaim our faith. It is time for us to become TheREVOLUTION!
Theology of the Body.
Learn it. Live it. Share it.

"True Revolution consists in simply turning to God who is the measure of what is right and at the same time is everlasting love.  And what could ever save us apart from love?" - Pope Benedict XVI - World Youth Day 2005

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