Non-Credit Classes

A chance for Catholic college students to study their faith at a college level, just like other subjects they get at Texas A&M and Blinn!

These classes can be used as a come-as-you-like program OR a 3-year program which will ground each student in a college-level understanding of Catholic theology. This systematic program has a 12 week course of studies every semester - divided into "pods" of 3 classes each.

Students are not be tested or graded nor is there any work outside of class.

There is no pre-registration. You will register at the first class you attend. The first class of fall 2013 will be Tuesday, Sept 3 at 8pm in the Church sanctuary.

During each session we will find:
-Where these teachings are found in the Bible?
-What did the disciples of the Apostles and all the early Fathers teach about these topics?
-How do I live these teachings today?

Catholicism 101 – Introduction to Catholic Thought and Theology (FALL)

Thursdays (starting 9/3) -  8:00 PM - Church Sanctuary
For more information, please contact Marcel LeJeune, the Assistant Director of Campus Ministry and the instructor for this course.


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