Living Faith Society

One of the most significant ways you can contribute to St. Mary’s Catholic Center is to become a member of the Living Faith Society. An electronic monthly donation is drafted directly from your checking account or credit card – how simple!

The Living Faith Society was formed in 1999 and today there are over 600 members – composed of families, individuals, students, alumni and friends of St. Mary's Catholic Center – that donate a set amount each month on a predetermined day. It’s easy because you don’t have to remember to bring money to Mass. It’s helpful because you can set your budget and keep your bookkeeping easy. It’s rewarding because not only are you helping to keep this Aggie Catholic ministry growing, but you will additionally receive the Living Faith devotional each quarter. This popular devotional provides a different scripture verse and short meditation for each day of the year!

So many Aggie Catholics give back to St. Mary's through the Living Faith Society ensuring that St. Mary’s can continue to form today’s Aggie Catholics, tomorrow’s leaders in the church and society, with the riches and wisdom of our Catholic faith!

Prayerfully consider becoming a member of the Living Faith Society! Click the appropriate button below to join today.

If you have any questions, send us an email and we will answer your question promptly. Imagine a future filled with hope because of your support of St. Mary's Catholic Center.

St. Mary's Catholic Center
Development Office
603 Church Avenue
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Or it can be faxed to us at (979) 846-4493.

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